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Custom Order Contract

This contract must be signed and returned before I begin construction of your order. If you have any questions, please contact me either by email or phone (see below).  You may text message me at this phone number also.
Please read and sign below and return to me along with your measurement sheet (I cannot begin sewing without the measurement sheet! If you need help with the measurements please contact me).

         Parents Name: _________________________________________

         Shipping Address: _____________________________________

         Phone: ________________________ can I text you at this number? y/n

         Email address: ________________________________________

         Child's Name: _________________________________________

         Child's Age & DOB: ____________________________________

         Clothing ordered: _____________________________________

         Color(s) to use: ______________________________________

         Any specific design details (please use back of sheet or additional sheet if you need more room.  In order to assure that you get what you want more detail is better.  If you have any drawings or pictures you may want me to use to help create your own unique design are welcomed-attach to this sheet or email to tworosesboutique@yahoo.com ):


*40% of price of garment is due with this contract.  Please PAYPAL me at:  roseannabailey2004@yahoo.com.   OR

*You may send a money order, cashiers check, or personal check.  Please note that construction of garment will not begin until the check has cleared the bank (you will be notified via email when construction begins). 
Please mail to:  Roseanna Bailey
          Two Rose's Boutique
          2201 Franklin Rd
          DeRidder, LA  70634

*Shipping is an additional charge.  It is not included in the price of the garment.
*Currently completion of items is 3-4 weeks.  If additional time is needed you will be notified as soon as possible.  If you need your items in less than 4 weeks you must notify me personally (text, call, or email me) and additional charges will apply.
    Rush (completion within 2 weeks of deposit clearing):  $200.00
    Big Rush (completion within 9 days of deposit clearing): $400.00   

I agree that this is a binding contract between Two Rose's Boutique and me, ____________________________________________________ (your name). 
I am hereby committed to paying for the services agreed upon and listed below.
I agree to a deposit for custom clothing services in the amount of ____________.
I understand that this deposit is non-refundable even if I refuse delivery of garments.
I understand that my balance of _______________ plus shipping and handling of _____________ is due upon completion of garment(s) and before the garment(s) is (are) shipped.
I also acknowledge that garments will not be shipped until final payment is received and cleared through the bank.
I will have 30 days after completion of services to pay in full or risk losing all monies I have sent and my garment(s).
I understand that unless I personally bring my child to Two Rose's Boutique in DeRidder, LA or unless I pay for travel for Roseanna Bailey to come to me for measurements, I am responsible for taking all measurements and understand the item will be made according to my measurements.
Two Rose's Boutique is not responsible for improper fit due to incorrect measurements if Two Rose's Boutique does not personally take the measurements. 
I understand I am ordering a custom design and that all sales are final.
I further understand and agree that images (photos) of the garment(s) I order may be used by Two Rose's boutique for advertising and promotional purposes.

Parents Signature: ________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Two Rose's Boutique
Roseanna Bailey
2201 Franklin Rd.
DeRidder, LA 70634        (337) 660-8643

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