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1.__________Chest Circumference (around nipples)

2.__________Center Back Length (from collar line to waist line)
3.__________Under arm to waist (actual measurement, not how long you would like your bodice.  I will allow for that)
4.__________Back Slope (this is measured on back, from shoulder point, at a diagonal, down the back to the waist line. You should end up on the spine.)

5.__________Back Shoulder Width (from seam line to seam line, before sleeve puff starts.)

6.__________Neck Circumference (around neck)
7.__________Shoulder Circumference (around shoulders)

8.__________Waist Circumference (around waist, over belly button)

9.__________Sideseam Length (from waist line, down side, all the way to hard floor surface. I must have this to the floor to get accurate measurements.)

10.__________Hip Circumference (measured around bottom, around largest area)

11.__________Knee Depth (from waist line to center of knee)

12._________Crotch Depth (have them sit in a hard chair, measure from waist line down to the hard chair surface, down their side)

13._________Crotch Length (thru legs, from front waist line to back waist line)

14._________Ankle Circumference (around ankle bone line)

15._________Center Front Waist to Floor (measuring from waist line to floor, from the front waist line)

16._________Center Back Waist to Floor (measuring from the waist line to floor, from the back waist line)

17._________Height (measured from top of head, all the way down to the floor. Basic height
18A._________Short Skirt length (this is usually fingertip length for cupcake style, measure from top of waistband of a fitting pair of pants, shorts or skirt down to fingertips when in "pretty hands")
18B._________Long Skirt length (this is measured from the natural waist to the floor with beauty shoes on)
19._________Approximate weight
20._________Head circumference (measure around head where band will sit-only if band is requested)
21._________Girth (measure from top of shoulder across belly down to crotch)
22._________Sleeve Length (measure from top of shoulder to wrist across elbow while arm is slightly bent)
23._________Circumference of Bicep (upper arm)
24._________Circumference of Forearm
25._________Body Type ( Sway Back, Slim, Hour Glass, etc.)

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